Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

1. Suede wedges from Steve Madden
2.Glittered flats from Steve Madden
3. Different styles and patterns of stockings
4. Legit Polarized Sunglasses (from Karen Walker)
5. Nixon Vintage- ish watch
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Black matte watch
7. Metallic Sweater
8. Chiffon polo
9.Nailpolishes from Diborah Lippman
10.Victoria Beckam bag

These are my wishes when it comes to clothes,shoes,bags, accessories. I have to dream on with the Nixon and MJ watch which prolly a lot of $$$$$$and that Vctoria Beckam bag!. Finding my luck if I could spot some lookalikes of them when I go to the Philippines for my Christmas Vacation! (Except for the bag which is one of a kind!)


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