Friday, September 23, 2011

Stylish Me

I checked up my email and received a wonderful message from Stylish Me...

Stylish Me lets you borrow clothes from the brands you love. It makes it affordable to wear designer clothes as well as to have the wardrobe you always dreamed of. Stylish Me will give you access to one of the largest collections of clothing in the world. So you can stay in fashion while spending your money on more important things.

It's a very new, unique and inspiring project that is just getting started, so better spread the word so we can enjoy Stylish Me!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Galaxy Hipster Shirt and Sketches

DIY Galaxy Hipster shirt that I made weeks ago. It's hard to find a decent cotton white shirt that is not too thick or thin and not too low on the chest area. Got the white shirt on sale from Zara TRF.

And some sketches that I made with my new notepad!

Our "real" classes started this Sunday and we are only 15 in each section. Now we have to deal with Physics, Trigonometry and Advanced Algebra. We can now call ourselves "Seniors". Hahaha! I'll post more next week (hopefully). Anddddd, It's my birth month this September! I'm excited! xx, Chiin

Friday, September 9, 2011

Food porn.





2.Macaron overload!!!!!
3.Yummy White chocolate almond ice cream. :P
4.Homemade milk tea.

Food porn hahaha! Some of my favorites... I haven't have something to write/post about so I just took some photos from my Flickr.

Anyways, our class reviews already started last week but we're having this problem that we might transfer to other schools. =( Let's hope for the best! :)