Monday, January 7, 2013


Terribly sorry for the lack of posts and updates. I've been wanting to post here a bajillion times but nothing really comes out. Also, I was busy with school and enjoying the vacation with my family.
I'm currently here in AUH for vacation and making the most out of it. Must I say, the sale season is cray cray!!!!!!!

A part from my "NY resolution" is to blog more often. Yes, my creativity sinked down in the mid year of 2012 but I'll be coming back.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

College (so far) in photos

 1. Our beautiful and very green campus walkway.
 2. The amazing friends I met in college.
 3. Glow stick high at our Mr. and Ms. frosh event.
 4. "Palakihan ng eyebags" hahaha
 5.  I like this photo to bits!
 6. With Mr. Atom Araulo at the ICCS Media conference.
 7. The inspiring Ms. Jessica Soho giving a tai about documentary.
 8. Some more awesome friends!

This first term of college is actually pretty overwhelming. I'm enjoying my course (Communication Arts) and learning a lot especially in English and Communication. I've made new (and awesome) friends and I'll make sure that I'll make the most out of my first year in college! I'll blog soon!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thoughts on shopping

This past few months, I haven't been in the mood to shop. Well let's say I went to a heavenly shop full of clothes,I have the money and I'm free to choose anything to buy. The only problem is…. I can't choose any damn thing. Well before I went here in the Philippines, I went to Forever 21 in Dubai mall (their F21 is bloody huge). I spent 30 minutes walking around and rummaging through the racks and I can't choose anything. And when I got some really cute top, the fabric is either too thin or the neck cut is too low.  

And a few days ago, I went to Divisoria (Call me cheap but the accessories they have are pretty much alike and prettier that what F21 sells.) I was walking and walking and scanning every shop and I still CAN'T CHOOSE ANYTHING.


Well the clothes that Divisoria sells are somewhat on trend. Maybe that's the problem. I've had enough of the peter pan collars, pleated skirts, blazers and sheer polos. I'm fed up with all the trends that I've seen in the inter webs and magazines. It's almost like everybody is wearing them.

For example, the longchamp tote bag. I really wanted to have one (circa 2010) and  when I went back here in the Phils. for vacation. I got my self a knock off from SM (they've got it all for you!). Eventually I stopped using it. And when I came back again from vacation here….. Oh my gosh…. Almost every time I go out. I see 7-10 people with a long champ (overrated alert!!!!).

I've always wanted to be unique. When I get inspired, i'll make sure that I edit or add a touch of my character into something that I create or present.

Everyone should have that output. Individuality is a key to present or communicate what you want others to know and acknowledge.

Hoping that I can get something from the thrift shop (again don't judge me). I love shopping on thrift shops because the pieces are vintage and unique. There's only a little chance that another person has that same and exact kind of clothing. But make sure that you sanitize them properly (better safe that sorry! haha!)

Well that's it for now. I'm posting this photo of the things I got in Changi Airport, Singapore. Cotton On was on sale so I got 2 sets of bracelets and a dress for less than 20 SGD!

P.S What are your thoughts on my new header and blog background?


Friday, June 1, 2012


My last photoshoot with my photo buddy Denisse and her best friend Criselle at souq.



Graduation came, and now it's time for ourselves to part ways and leave Abu Dhabi for our new life in the Philippines awaits. Tonight I'll be flying back home (I'm quite late compared to my friends who already left AUH). I'll be having my 4 hr stop over at Changi airport and might visit the bookstores and Watson's there (hello asian nail polishes and books!)

Now here's some photos from our Graduation..

Presents I got.... loving the Cherry Blossoms by Elizabeth Arden perfume! I also have the Green tea one! 

 And.. the outfit post. (Zara dress, H&M accessories and Steve Madden Westi wedges)
When I first saw this dress from Zara, I knew that I had to get it! But then I had to wait a few more months to wear it for my Graduation. I love the color and the simplicity of the dress. It doesn't look that boring because it has some cut outs in the sleeves! :)

With my girls! Marish and Casey

  Me together with my FOTOYZZA crew! We won Photographer of the year and Graphic designer of the year!!! ;;)


Friday, May 11, 2012

Cherry Styled 2.0 soon

I'll be revamping my blog soon! Ideas are coming up in my mind and I just need time to do it on my laptop.
Meanwhile here's my handwriting ans some B&W pictures of me hahahaha!