Saturday, February 26, 2011

Food and Moccasins.

Some pictures from this week:

Spent my Friday with the family and ate at Papa John's, Chicken wings omg.

Then I saw these beautiful moccasins and I quickly scanned the racks if they have my size and thank God they have one left in my size!

after that we went to Hilton near the Corniche for dinner! 
Sketch for the week! (I know that I failed the harem pants look on the left side >.<)


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some photos to keep you inspired!

Days ago after classes I went to the park near our house and took pictures of eye candies! Summer is on it's way and I'm excited! Shall plan a photoshoot with my friends to post it up!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fashion Illustration

A week ago I bought a book named Fashion Illustration. I've been reading and trying to sketch for days and here are the results. I was so happy that I finally drew an outfit with some shoes on it. (Sorry i'm a noob lol)


Macarons, topshop and other lovely things.

Yesterday we went to Dubai! And got all these things on a lower price! I got the keychain form roxy for free and I am loving the smell of the Elizabeth Arden perfume. It smells so refreshing and there's a spring/summer feeling on it. The purse,ring and keychain are from Accessorize and all of them are only 5 dhs each! 

We decided to drop by at Mercato before going home and I went to topshop. I first scanned through the sale racks and saw these very cute lined jeggings! The floral sunnies are so adorable and are perfect for the coming summer!

We also had a mini break at a french bakery, I ordered some macarons and gelatos. <3

That's all from our trip! More posts to come soon! :)All photos are taken by me and you can check out more at my Flickr account!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some Pretty Things:

All from my Flickr


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