Sunday, August 28, 2011

Korean haul




1. Nail polishes from Etude House. Love the matte and pastel colors!
2. Brown bag (I'm a sucker for brown/tan colored ones)
3. Korean Magazines! Vogue's Special 15th Anniversary issue, Vogue Korea August 2011, Sure Look and Style magazine.
4.Awesome shoots from the pages, there's a LOT to post but I just picked 5 from my favorites.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Photowalk x Lookbook x Crepes

This afternoon, me and my friend Nhisse together with Remmi went to a park for a photo walk. We were sweating all over and was so thirsty that we bought a drink from the Vending Machine to drink inside the C.R. (It's Ramadan so we can't drink/eat outside) and to our dismay that the C.R. is locked! So we waited for 7 pm to eat Pancakes and Waffles!

My meal (same with Nhisse)!

Remmi's meal whic looks so yummy!

We also bought some Macarons.

Updated my (loser) Lookbook hahaha!

xx, Chiin

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Ps

Yesterday, I had a shoot with one of my friends Armi. We planned to have a shoot months ago with Noelle ( but we only had time yesterday (and Noelle didn't get to come with us =( ). 

So here are some of the shots! :)

Hoping to have another photoshoot this summer! (while we still don't have classes)

xx, Chiin