Sunday, June 26, 2011

I left my heart at Singapore.

A week ago, after our Vacation in Philippines, we had a 1 day and a half stop over at Singapore! Yes, the country which I think is the cleanest I've ever been to( well, clean in the streets and roadways) and the country is also Gum free!! (They banned chewing gum many many years ago.)

We first went to our hotel located at the Northbridge road. After we checked in we ate at a underground restaurant, it's like a bazaar full of restaurants. and checked Raffles city because it's near our place. I nagged my Mom and Dad to go to Bugis street ( which is famous for night shopping) and got some things which I'll bog about later. But we were only there for a few hours because we went there at night and it's near for their shops to close.

View outside our hotel room:

After that day, we went to Sentosa, and had a quick breakfast at Bread Talk, I got some cream puffs, which was absolutely delish and a Iced Milo! :D

Then we went to .Candylicious to buy some Tootsie rolls and pops.

After that we went to................

Universal studios! The lines were long even though it's not a weekend but it was moving so yeah. Patience is a virtue!

Then I encountered this ride. At first, I was scared to go all by myself, but I made up my mind because I came a long way just to go to Singapore and why will I not try their rides? So I went there alone :S It took me almost 45 minutes just to be on the ride (the lines were crazy!!). But it was worth it I was screaming the whole time! Haha

After Universal studios, we went to Marina Sky Sands park, where you can see the view of Singapore in a very tall skyscraper. The architecture inside the building is amazing!

Amazing right?!

Idk why It's called Sands Skypark, there's no sand at all in the skypark! Hahaha!

Then we went to Wisma Atria shopping centre, it was the sale season of Singapore and I made sure that I'll drop by at Cotton On, because we don't have it in the Philippines and I wanna check out the store and got some goodies.

Their Nike shirts' esigns were very artsy Idk why we don't have it in our Nike stores!

We wanted to explore the Orchard road and visit some shopping centres but unfortunately it's closing time again! (wth) So we went home.

Outfit post? Heehee. Top from Mango,Shorts from Liberte, Tote bag from Forever 21, Accessories from Rubi (Cotton On).

And for the last day in Singapore, we went to Merlion park, took some photos, grabbed brunch at Raffles City, packed and went to the Airport.

Colorful building we spotted while otw to the Airport.

That's all from my Singapore trip! And as the title says, I left my heart at Singapore. I swear I'll be coming back there soon! :)


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