Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trips, Thrift shopping and bargain book.

Hi guys! I'm still here in the Philippines and I'm gonna share some photos of what and where I've been up to lately.

*Warning: Photo spam ahead*

We went to Laguna to visit someone and took these photos, there were so many pineapples in that place! :)

Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen @ ATC

And I went to the thrift shop hoping that I could find some navy/anchor like blazers. But unfortunately I didn't but I got a lace shirt and a maxi skirt with some lace details.

Yesterday, we went to the nearest SM in our place and I dropped by at Book Sale. To my surprise that I found these Cath Kidston book that only costs 40 Php or around 3 Dhs! And I love Floral prints that's why I got the book. It's a great source of inspiration and ideas for designs.

Photo from their Facebook Page.

Tomorrow is the Bloggers United bazaar. And I want to go there badly. But I'm stil not sure if I could. /crosses fingers


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