Wednesday, May 18, 2011


1. Fail polaroid shot at the beach during Pat's birthday.

2. First shot outside after buying the camera.

3. Pretty pastel colored gate at the park that was shot when I passed y the park after buying films.

4. My H&M coral pink flats which is kinda a fail shot because my L shirt bloacked the half of it.

5. Fail shot again (sigh). Butterscoth ice cream from New Zealand idon'tknowwhat'snext (an icecream shop). Whenever I shoot in the 3m setting the side parts are always blurry! I should've captured it in the center!

6. While on my way home from jogging.

7. Big and fluffy clouds while at the plane! Makes me wanna jump on them! :D

8. At Changi Airport Singapore.

Those are the polaroids that i took that were blog worthy haha! Next pack of film is to be uploaded soon! <3


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