Monday, May 2, 2011

Prom, sketches, wishlists, doodles and pumps!

Sorry for not being able to update that much!

Anyways I have some great things to share to you guiseee! First of all, Our prom is in weeks from now! Last week, i've been walking around the streets to find some tailoring and textile shops with reasonable prices. I found one but then my dad called be and said to check out a tailoring shop near his office, so I checked it out. Then the Tailor's sister who also is a tailor that works opposite our building accepts to make dresses! So I gave her my design and the colors and also the type of cloth I want to use. And I can't wait to see what the final product is!

I will not show you guys the design yet ;) But here re some designs that I made!

Sorry if the coloring quality is not that nice/pretty because I only colored them on Photoshop and I don't have that ~*skill*~ in coloring digitally.

Here are some doodles that I made this week

A summer wishlist which consists of:
1. Ipod nano touch -x
2. Fujifilm Instax films
3. Hair Iron barrel (for curling hair)
4. Daisy by Marc Jacobs - Which I will hopefully get this month.
5. Proenza Schouler wallet
6. A jumpsuit or romper (Perfect for summer!)
7.Vivtar Ultra wide and slim film camera

Inspired by the song of Lykke Li

Things that I got this weekend

Got that Ipod nano because I've been wanting it for months and I saved up for it, the pumps from Steve Madden which I'll use for prom,Teen Vogue's May 2011 issue and Some yummy macarons/macaroons.

That's all for now! <3


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