Tuesday, September 11, 2012

College (so far) in photos

 1. Our beautiful and very green campus walkway.
 2. The amazing friends I met in college.
 3. Glow stick high at our Mr. and Ms. frosh event.
 4. "Palakihan ng eyebags" hahaha
 5.  I like this photo to bits!
 6. With Mr. Atom Araulo at the ICCS Media conference.
 7. The inspiring Ms. Jessica Soho giving a tai about documentary.
 8. Some more awesome friends!

This first term of college is actually pretty overwhelming. I'm enjoying my course (Communication Arts) and learning a lot especially in English and Communication. I've made new (and awesome) friends and I'll make sure that I'll make the most out of my first year in college! I'll blog soon!


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