Friday, May 11, 2012

Summing it up

As some of you might know, I'll be graduating from high school in a few weeks. Which is quite sad. So I'm busy busy busy packing things up, getting my requirements done for clearance and spending more time with family and friends. And to mention that me and some of my friends took our class picture and toga pictures! :D

One thing that I wanna blog about is my prom gown. I've had it for a year now because I had it tailored in the Philippines and yes, I designed it! I got the beading inspiration from a Seventeen prom magazine which I got from booksale last year when I had my vacation and I came up with a coral/peach pink color. It has over 5 layers of tulle (I loveeee tulle and chiffon!!) I had the peticoat (?) taken out because of the feeling that I may have a hard time walking properly during the prom. Here's some photos:

With my Cotillion partner Ian
With my girlssssss

Second / party outfittt! Top from Forever 21 Mullet skirt is custom made and Wedges from Steve Madden. I am terribly sorry for my uneven skin tone. I need a taaaaan!

I've been wearing this casio digital watch lately together with my colorful trinkets.

 And I went to the beach with my girl friends!

Will try my best to blog more and post more photos soon (again haha)


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