Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fail updates x Iceland x Hair color

I know, I know, forgive me for not doing my promise! But here are the reasons why I haven't kept my promise to update!

1. We went to Iceland in Ras Al Khaimah, It was pretty huge! I'm telling you and the rides and slides were so exciting and fun but I didn't swim/slide on the water park. I had my perod that time! -_- ( cons of being a girl)

Jeanswest plain shirt, Red striped shorts (it looks baby pink in the photo) from Landmark and Topshop floral sunnies.

 My Bestfriends for that day!

My Havaianas Metal logo in light green! I was always a Havaianas lover and I was even trying to collect them.(aka me in circa 2007/2008)

The really pretty artificial cherry blossoms (?) and the chalet that was in a construction.

2. We checked in in a hotel in RAK and the internet is only available in the lobby.

Give me that mo- mo et-et give me that crystal-stal-stal. lol

3.  I dyed my hair! I've always wanted a light brown hair, and If you ollow me on twitter you might've read on some tweets that I was using lemon (squeeze lemon in a spray bottle, spray it in your hair and stay in the sun for an hour) to lighten my hair, It did work on some ways but the results aren't that seen on my hair. So I dyed it myself, I used Garnier Mocha! I wanted to have the ombre hair but being a noob on hair color, I dyed the top layer of my hair lighter then getting darker on the ends, such a fail lol. But I loved the results!

4. Lost the internet connection at home lol but now it's back!

So hopefully by this week, we'll be having a Chocobrrysmile x Cherrystyled summer photoshoot!


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